Screw Pump for Decanting Centrifuges

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Screw Pump is usually used for supplying mud/slurry to centrifuge in solids control industry.

The screw pump is used for industrial purposes. It is beneficial in allowing the movement of fluids and solids along the screw axis. A screw pump is also called a water Screw. It uses either one or several skills to move the fluid along the screw axis in the manufacturing and industrial methods.

Screw Pump is usually used for supplying mud/slurry to centrifuge in solids control industry. It has features of good feeding capacity and stable working pressure. It is the ideal choice to convey the flocculated waste drilling fluids with high viscosity and hard suspended solids, because the volume change of sealed cavity formed by screw and stator sucks and discharges the fluid without drastic fluid mixing activity.

TRG series screw pump has the features of less accessories, compact structure, easy maintenance and vulnerable part replacement. In addition to the drilling fluids centrifuge, the rated pressure of our pump outlet can be increased with the increase of the pump series, and the pressure will increase 0.6MPa, so its using range is very wide.

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Features of Screw Pump

1. Shaft of the pump is made from stainless steel.
2. Large working speed range. Flow and pressure can be adjustable.
3. Rotor and stator are vulnerable parts. They are easy to replace.
4. Less accessories, compact structure and easy maintenance.
5. Stable flow rate and pressure. No pulse.
6. High suction height, low noise. No leakage, no temperature rise when conveying liquid.
7. Long operational life with reliable performance.
8. Wide application range. Can convery all flow able media.

Screw Pump Technical

Model Flow Rate Pressure Power Inlet (Inch) Outlet (Inch) Ex Standard Weight (Kg) Dimension
TRG10A-040 10m³/h 0.3Mpa 4kw 3 3 ExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEX 245 2245×320×550mm
TRG20A-055 20m³/h 5.5kw 3 3 323 2450×340×562mm
TRG30A-075 30m³/h 7.5kw 4 4 386 2761×370×600mm
TRG40A-110 40m³/h 11kw 5 5 454 3270×370×665mm
TRG50A-110 50m³/h 11kw 5 5 608 3790×400×782mm
TRG60A-150 60m³/h 15kw 5 5 649 3322×550×740mm
TRG70A-220 70m³/h 22kw 6 6 875 3740×420×785mm
TRG80A-220 80m³/h 22kw 6 6 875 3740×420×785mm
TRG90A-220 90m³/h 22kw 6 6 875 3740×420×785mm

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